Bullet Journal Weekly Layout Blissdom Week via PreshusMe

Knowing My Limits ~ Life’s Schedule

Having just come out of a full on writer’s block-induced writing drought, I’m thinking that it would be a bad idea to jump into promising to blog 30 times in one month. I’m motivated, but not that motivated!

Bullet Journal Weekly Layout via PreshusMe

New blog post, who dis?

The cheapest form of therapy that works for me has always been my trusty journal, no matter how much or how little I write, even if it is just one or two things on a to-do list, I write.

The Coach House

When you’re on a walk and you spot the perfect angle…. Camera: Pixel 2 Edited with: Google Effects & PicMonkey

Light up the Darkness

I caught the movie I Am Legend on TV over the weekend while I doing my daily calligraphy practice. It’s one of my favourite Will Smith films. Not only is […]