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Holiday Budget Bullet Journal Spread Collection via PreshusMe

Top 5 Things on my Early Christmas To-Do List

It’s early November and I’ve started my shopping as per usual. Hopefully I’ve got everyone on my list that needs to be there and there won’t be any surprises. That said, this is the perfect time for me to get some easy things out of the way.

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Knowing My Limits ~ Life’s Schedule

Having just come out of a full on writer’s block-induced writing drought, I’m thinking that it would be a bad idea to jump into promising to blog 30 times in one month. I’m motivated, but not that motivated!

Bullet Journal Weekly Layout via PreshusMe

New blog post, who dis?

The cheapest form of therapy that works for me has always been my trusty journal, no matter how much or how little I write, even if it is just one or two things on a to-do list, I write.

Looking for my next journal

While I do love my Bullet Journal for the sheer flexibility of the system, I’ve been using the Passion Planner since October and I have found that it has given me some focus when it comes to planning out how I want to get ALL THE THINGS in my life done, both practical and self-care-wise.