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December 2017

This month will go down in history as the Christmas where I thought I was finished Christmas shopping 2 weeks early, only to find myself in not one, but two […]

Just write

Just write. The best writing advice I’ve ever been given and the advice I’m best at avoiding. I’m my writing’s own worst enemy. I’m my defense I’ve been really busy […]

New hobby ~ Spencerian Penmanship

As if I’m not busy enough as it is, in addition to picking up calligraphy again, I’ve also discovered the Spencerian System of Practical Penmanship Theory Book & Five Copybooks* […]

NaBloPoMo Month in Review

Yup, this month of trying to blog every day was a bit of a wash, but I’m not even sad about it. Once again I’ve proved to myself that writing […]

The Joy of Journal Keeping

It can be argued, that the very nature of an online blog ( a web log) is that it is an electronic version of a personal journal or diary. Actually, […]