Game of Thrones Tyrion Dragon HBO

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Game of Thrones Tyrion Dragon HBO
Image Credit: HBO

Bran! Nice to see you again.

If it turns out that the three-eyed raven is Bran I’m going to fight someone.

I always liked Davos, but him defending Jon’s body is where I really fell in love with him.

Wun-Wun! Yay!

Dude, did you just shoot a giant with an arrow in the back? Not cool.

And the award for the best, shortest battle goes to…

Watch out Jaime, the High Sparrow is crazy…Crazy like a fox!

And the award for the best line in the series goes to… Tyrion ~ “I drink and I know things.”

It may not be his Name Day, but I think Tyrion finally got his pet dragon(s).

Even though I know it’s coming, I’m still pretty shocked when Ramsay goes full Bolton and kills his father.

Yes, of course he’s alive. He’s Jon effen Snow.

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