Game of Thrones The Red Woman HBO

GoT – 60 in 60 – S6. Ep1. Rewatch – The Red Woman

Game of Thrones The Red Woman HBO
Image Credit: HBO

Just so you know, he’s only mostly dead.

The Sansa on the run tour resumes. This time with Theon in tow. This is the season where he turns into a semi-decent human being.

Not the best plan Theon, news travels so slowly in Westeros…

Podrick Payne, a lover and a fighter!

And gold shall be thier shrouds…

Bye bye Dorne plot.

Another Red Priestess, you’d think Tyrion would take the time to actually talk to one of them, as much time as he’s spent listening to them preach.

Jorah, you and your secrets. You think you would have learned the first time around.

You have to go back to go forward. Go East to go West.

A blind girl is no one.

Meanwhile the Red Woman is all sad and depressed. It will be nice when she gets her mojo back. I seriously need a backstory for her.

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