Game of Thrones Hardhome Departure HBO

GoT – 60 in 60 – S5. Ep8. Rewatch – Hardhome

Game of Thrones Hardhome Arrival HBO
Image Credit: HBO Arriving at Hardhome.


An epic episode 9 battle, one episode early. Nice!

And now Sansa knows that her little brothers are still alive.

Haha! He said “a feast for the crows” 😛

Meanwhile Tyrion is talking and drinking with Daenerys and making a whole lot of sense.

It’s a little funny, the view from the boats to the show is the same coming and going, with the exception that the Wildlings are all alive when Jon is coming, and dead when he’s going. Well, maybe more creepy than funny. Still, two really great shots.

This is where I started to trust Tormund. Straight up murdered the Lord of Bones without even a by your leave. Perfect.

An on this episode of “everybody dies”, I fell in love with, and was subsequently devastated by the death of the Wildling leader Karsi. The actress that plays her, Birgitte Hjort Sørensen, is so brilliant that you want more and more of her. You feel her whole life story in the few minutes that she’s on screen, and then she is brutally taken away from us in the worst way possible. Death by wight children. Brutal. She would have been an awesome addition to the cast. Still. I’m thankful that we had her, even if it was only for a brief time.

Also, best ending to an epic battle scene…. Come at me bro! ~ Knight King.

Game of Thrones Hardhome Departure HBO
Image Credit: HBO Departing from Hardhome

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