Game of Thrones Queen Margaery HBO

GoT – 60 in 60 – S5. Ep3. Rewatch – High Sparrow

Game of Thrones Queen Margaery HBO
Image Credit: HBO

The house of the undying is as beautiful and mysterious as it is terrifying.

Arya will become a servant of the Many-Faced God. The God of Death. And she will bring his gift to many in Westeros in season 7 🙂

Oh Tommen. He would have never been able to tell if Margaery was a virgin or not. Such a sweet summer child.

Cersei vs. Margaery, I wish we had so much more of the two of them going against each other.

It’s nice to know that the rebuilding of Winterfell used up Bolton money. It’s only fitting since they were the ones who burned it down.

And once again, poor Sansa can’t catch a break. I honestly wonder what Baelish’s long game is? Installing Sansa as the lady of Winterfell  couldn’t get him any closer to the Iron Throne by his side. What the hell was he thinking? Why would he do this? Did he even have a plan to get her out of it? Did he know about Ramsay? How insane he is? How is it even possible that he didn’t know. Sansa will make him pay for all that she had to go through because of him.

I hope she makes him pay.

She’d better make him pay.

I love that Arya couldn’t bear to throw away her sword Needle.

“Welcome home Lady Stark, The North Remembers.” ~old lady who will die soon.

Oh Lord Slynt. You have 0 friends in the Capitol.

Off with his head!

This reminds me of the first time Robb cut off a man’s head. Neither situations ended well.

Hey Cersei, if the Faith and the Crown are the pillars that hold up society, what happens when you blow one up?

Another Tyrion listening to a soothsayer scene.

And Jorah, picking up a gift for his Queen.

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