Game of Thrones Scythe HBO

GoT – 60 in 60 – S4. Ep9. Rewatch – The Watchers on the Wall

Game of Thrones Scythe HBO
Image Credit: HBO

Another epic battle scene episode. I do love me some GoT episode 9’s!

Maester Aemon taking some time to drop some knowledge on Sam. Love it!

And I love how Sam’s bravery is all tied up in his love for Gilly.

The biggest fire the North has ever seen. I wonder why he had to set the whole forest on fire? I mean, they could have just as easily sent their warg bird to the forest to watch for the army of Wildlings and report back. But no, giant fire. Ok then.

Aw, Sam gave Olly the courage to get in on the fight and he ended up killing Ygritte.

Giant scythe is the winner.

Don’t worry Sam, Jon always comes back.

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