Game of Thrones Lysa Robin Arryn HBO

GoT – 60 in 60 – S4. Ep5. Rewatch – First of His Name

Game of Thrones Lysa Robin Arryn HBO
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Poor Tommen. Kid never had a chance.

Yet another scene where we hear Cersei’s words and feel sympathy for her.

I wonder what brought Cersei around to welcoming Margaery as a wife for Tommen? Whatever it was, the feeling didn’t last long.

Meanwhile Daenerys’ slave kingdom isn’t turning out like she planned.

So, what, do Robin and Lysa just sit in the throne room napping and cuddling when nothing’s going on?

Lysa says the Lannisters have been trying to destroy the Arryn’s for years, but not once do we ever hear any Lannister talk of them….

And here is where we find out who started the whole Game of Thrones in the first place. Petyr Baelish is playing the longest game of all.

We also find out that the Lannisters are not only stone broke, but owe the Iron Bank a significant amount of money, with no way to pay them back. Unless they can get some wedding pacts in place with the Tyrells and get their hands on all the Tyrell money… And all Cersei cares about is revenge against Tyrion.

And yes, we all love The Hound. His name is on a girl’s lips. I wonder if she’ll kill him when/if they meet again?

Meanwhile Lysa is scaring the pants off Sansa and threatening to make her Lady of the Vale.

And poor Pod doesn’t even know how to ride a horse! haha!

I love how Arya up and tried to stab The Hound directly in the gut, and he just stood there and took it.

Meanwhile poor Pod is lighting unskinned rabbits on fire. Dude.

I love that this Brienne and Pod on the road tour is going to turn him into a more awesome guy than he started out as.

Also love that thier time together teaches Brienne to learn to trust and depend on someone other than herself (and Jaime).

I’m thankful that dead men tell no tales, and that Locke won’t be able to tell anyone what he learned about he Stark children.

I wish Jojen could have lived longer. His sight came in really handy.

One of many missed connections for the Stark children.

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