Game of Thrones Stannis Army HBO

GoT – 60 in 60 – S4. Ep10. Rewatch – The Children

Game of Thrones Stannis Army HBO
Image Credit: HBO

Here comes Stannis to save the day. The one time he did something right.

In this moment, Cersei is stronger than her father. That’s terrifying to me.

Three cheers for the Ray Harryhausen-like skeleton attackers!

Bye Jojen, we hardly knew ye.

Brienne vs. The Hound. Epic sword fight. I’m not surprised that Arya didn’t go with them. Brianne sounded like a random crazy stranger demanding Arya come with her like that. And Pod was zero help.

Yay! Jaime to the rescue.

Call her a whore one more time Tywin.

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