Happy Holidays

Stream of Consciousness Sunday ~ Holiday Prep Edition

The year is coming to an end, my Christmas shopping list is about 75% checked off, 0 gifts are wrapped and I’m sure I’ve hidden a few of them a little too well, we’ll see if, when the time comes to wrap everything, I can find them all.

Meanwhile I’m getting through all of the 10 million holiday parties and concerts everyone and their mother seems to feel they need to throw. Honestly. Daycare, 2 schools, work, this committee, that committee, this class that class. I’m going to swear off potlucks by the end of the month. That’s a promise.

In other news, my Christmas cards are done and stamped, I just need to stick them in the mail. Yes, I still send out paper cards. It’s a leftover from my mother who is the queen of Christmas cards. My list of recipients is a lot shorter these days, but at least 20 cards are going out this year.

The one thing I’m very proud of is that I used script writing for all of my cards this year. I still feel quite shaky when I try to be fancy, but by the end I felt much more confident with the loops and swirls. One day my handwriting will be glorious.

Until then…Happy Holidays

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