#NaBloPomo Day 16 ~ Spoiler Alert

What TV series finale are you still upset about and why?

Lost. Hands down the most disappointing series finale ever. I just don’t understand the whole (spoiler alert) they were dead the whole time thing. Don’t make no sense.

Also, Will and Grace. So sad that they were not friends for such a long time. I mean, why couldn’t they just be friends forever? It’s TV for heaven’s sake. Not real life. I needed them to have a proper happy ending. I hope that if they ever bring the show back they will make it like the finale never happened. Pretend that it was a dream or something. Will and Grace need to be Will and Grace forever.

And finally, Mad About You. Another show where I needed a happy TV ending and all I got were buckets of sadness and divorce followed by another contrived “but they got back together in the end” ending. Did not like.

In contrast, Friends ended sadly, but sad because everyone grew up and moved away and got on with their lives, but they were all still Friends. No need for time jumps into the future where everyone hates each other, then in the end everyone kind of remembers they still love each other. Not necessary. Shows need to learn from Friends how sitcom endings should be. This was a good one.

Bottom line is, TV is my escape. For sitcoms I demand happy endings all round. If I wanted sadness and heartbreak I’d get me some Shondaland. Those shows get me in the feels every week and they’re welcome to my tears. But if something like Big Bang Theory ever ends and ends with sadness, I’ll riot.




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