A modern version of a family photo album, I love having photo books made. Chock full of photos of the kids, all my best pics of them in one place.

I don’t spend too much time looking through them, I’ve had several made over the years. It’s more like I’m hording them for the future when I’m old and they’re all grown up and I want to look back on their chubby little faces and love them and squeeze them and hug them all day but they won’t let me and all  I’ll have left are these photo books that I keep getting of them.

I have thousands of pictures of the kids that live on my computer, I’m just glad that I actually take the time once a year or so to have photo books made so that even if all the technology goes kablooey at least I’ll have the photo books. Of course, if there was ever a fire then the photo books would burn up into smoke and ash… so maybe this analogy and my reasoning for getting the photo books makes absolutely no sense because I suppose either way all those photos I have of the kids will disappear. Nonetheless, photo books are great, I love them and I love the idea of being able to browse through them when the kids are all grown up. They won’t do anyone any good if they’re stuck on a hard drive somewhere.

Don’t let your kids grow up to be .jpgs people.
The photo books I get are usually from Shutterfly. This is not a sponsored post I just really love Shutterfly. You can get some really great photo gifts from them using their multitude of promo codes. Here’s a code* I can share with you for one free photo book. . You still have to pay for shipping but at least the book is free. Enjoy!

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