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It’s time to relax in the kitchen (IKEA #spon)

Watching this IKEA video is a funny little reminder that really, dinner with the family doesn’t have to be picture perfect every day. Goodness knows that it certainly isn’t picture perfect at the PreshusMe household every night. I try to make a point of cooking at least one or two meals from scratch a week, usually on Sundays or Mondays with enough for leftovers during the week. But honestly, weekly frozen pizzas, chicken fingers, hot dogs and take-out are also on the menu. And while the kids are eating hot dogs for the second time in a week, the hubs and I are having quick salads for dinner made with lettuce and maybe one or two other veggies tossed in. No big deal. To be honest, salad is just a vehicle to get salad dressing in mah belleh so I can’t testify to the healthiness of any salad that comes out of my kitchen.

But I digress…

Over the years I’ve begun to embrace finding new recipes on the internet and trying them out on my test subjects family. Quick and easy tried and true recipes that I don’t have to worry about are my bread and butter (so to speak!). And letting the preshus help out in the kitchen is something we both look forward to. He really does love to bake, and when I have the time and he has the desire, we’ll bake a boxed cake or turn a tube of cookie dough into actual cookies. Nothing but the best for my family (ha!). And of course, on very special occasions I’ll actually bake something from scratch and, with his help, we both get together and destroy the kitchen with our culinary explorations.

Truth be told, making a mess in the kitchen stresses me out, but the joy on his face when I tell him that he can help me cook something just warms my heart. So cheers to turning a chore into some family fun. Get in, get out and #letsrelax.

IKEA grandma over skype #letsrelax
This RIMFORSA tablet stand would be super handy in the kitchen since most of my recipe adventures come from the internet.

*image credit IKEA

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