Orange Is The New Black S4

Orange is the new Black Season 4 Review *spoilers* (#StreamTeam)


Orange Is The New Black S4

Some thoughts I had while watching Season 4 of Orange is the New Black

  • Best Quote “Murder math”
  • Even crazy eyes isn’t that crazy, compared to other stuff going on this year.
  • I’m so over Piper. She was always annoying, but now she’s dangerous and pretty useless when it comes to helping anyone but herself. Nothing good ever comes from anything she does or says. Sad. Even her brother is moving on without her. And the fact that she blindly wanders into becoming the leader of a racist group and doesn’t even try to diffuse the havoc she created, girl bye.
  • I had heard that someone was going to die this season, but the person it happens to and the manner of death was a true shock. All the tears flowed. I had to take a break to mourn for a day or two before I could continue to watch. I have to give a shout-out to the showrunners, this episode was really well written and shot. The final scene showing how her life before prison was full of hope and promise and happiness and wonder… such a waste of a life. Well done OITNB. Well done. But at the same time WHY!?!! So sad…
  • These women are the queens of bad decisions and unfortunate circumstances.
  • I love that they had celebrity join the prison crew. Judy King was able to show us how there’s definitely a difference between being treated well and treated like crap at Litchfield. Also a prison threesome? Yeah, that happened.
  • I love that we get to learn about Lolly’s background. She’s now one of my favourite characters, her story arc is just so innocently happy and sad all at the same time.
  • I used to think that Caputo was a useless tool, but it turns out he really cares for these women, and the company he works for is the useless tool in this scenario.
  • Heartbreaking finding out how Suzanne ends up in prison.
  • Each and every storyline is just the saddest, darkest, most hopeless they could have possibly written for this show. Not one happy thing happens that doesn’t end up with saddness.
  • And the simple fact that even MORE inmates are going to be sent to the prison next season is going to turn the place into a powder keg ready to blow. Oh, wait, it already is. The last episode standoff is quite the cliffhanger.

Final thoughts:

Orange is the New Black used to be a ray of funny sunshine considering the theme of the show. It put a really light, escapist spin on what we know to be a horrible place and situation in real life. But Season 4 has stretched it’s wings and shown us that nothing good happens at Litchfield. No good deed goes unpunished. Everything is all sad and heartbreaking all the time. And only the good ones die.

I highly recommend this season of OITNB, but I get that not everyone is going to like the dark place that this season travels to. Still, it’s worth a watch. I love this show. It tears my heart out like it’s taking lessons from Shonda Rhimes. That’s some good TV right there.

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