App Review: Picniic for Family Organizing

Disclosure: I received compensation and free access to Picniic‘s premium features in exchange for this App Review.

One thing I’m crazy for is staying organized. As the CEO, CFO, and COO of my family, it’s a monumental task keeping everyone and everything around here on track and running smoothly. Normally I’m a pen and paper kind of gal, but I recently had the chance to test out the family organizing app Picniic and all I can say is, I’m pretty sure they read my mind. It has everything a family needs (and then some!) to keep multiple family members organized and connected.

Starting with this brilliant landing page, Picniic shows you everything happening that day at a glance. Easy to use widgets let you access the different features at at the tap of a finger.

Picniic App 1

Load this app up on each family member’s Apple device and you have instant power over their every waking moment! (just kidding) (but not really) Picniic syncs on each family member’s device so if I need the hubs to run an errand for me, I can send him him a To Do task. If there’s an event at the kid’s school, I can tag the kid involved so that it shows up on their own device’s calendar, as well as on mine! Not that my kids have Apple devices of their own yet, but I can see how this would be really handy for families with teens and tweens.

I also love how the calendar widget integrates the different parts of your life onto your calendar. Picniic App 2

The Meal Planner, Recipe database and Grocery List are all integrated so you can plan your meals for the week and build your grocery list all at the same time. You can save your own recipes or search for recipes using the web search function, add the meal to your weekly meal plan, and quickly add items needed to your grocery list all in just a few taps.

Picniic App 3

In future versions of this app, I wouldn’t mind having the option to add pricing information to grocery list items for budgeting purposes. A whole budgeting widget, in fact, would be a great add on that I’d totally use. But even without that feature, the meal planning function helps to keep my evening running smoothly. I don’t even have to think about what’s for dinner, it just shows up in my calendar each day and my mind and body go into auto-pilot to get it done.

Picniic App 4

Check off the items on your list as you buy them, then when you’re done, uncheck them all to reuse your list each week. No need to retype staples each week.

Picniic App 5

The Family Info Locker is great for easy information records so that your family’s important information is at your fingertips at all times. The Family Locator function lets you see where your family members are at a glance using GPS. And the Special Events widget lists all of the birthdays in your calendar with each person’s name, birthday and upcoming age listed as well! Truly helpful especially if you’re like me and can never remember how old people are. Not so great that it reminds me of how old I’m going to be on my next birthday. But I digress…

Picniic App 6


I could go on and on about Picniic. It’s a little bit sad how excited I get when I find a new way to stay organized, but that’s just the kind of organizing nerd I am. And I’m OK with that. Picniic is truly a great app for keeping track of my life and my family, all in one handy place. If you’re an organizing nerd like me, pick up your copy of Picniic at the Apple App store*. You can thank me later.


*The Picniic app is free, with an in-app subscription feature to unlock the premium features.


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