Mom of Boys Cleans Bathroom – Survives! (My Last #PGmom Giveaway!)

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You know I love being a mom of boys, let me just put that out there right at the front.

I LOVE being a mom of boys.

I’m thankful every day that they’re boys because I’d be terrified of having to raise a girl who would probably grow up to be my twin in every way, no one wants that!

That said…

What I do not love about being a mom of boys is cleaning bathrooms up after them. I suspect it’s something like cleaning a bathroom up after a gaggle of teenagers (boys & girls) get done in a bathroom, but with a lot less hair product on the mirror and a lot more pee on the floor and toothpaste on the walls.

Seriously, toothpaste on the bathroom walls. Who even knew that was a thing that happens?!?

No one in my house knows, that’s for sure. *sarcasm font*

“I don’t know how the toothpaste got there mama, it just gets there I guess…” ~resident 6yo

The powder room got so bad at one point that my mother (who was never supposed to see it btw – why did she go in there?!? Darn toddlers needing to pee when the main bath is occupied *grumble grumble*) is now desperate to have her cleaning lady come over to my place and do a once-over on the place because we live like animals, apparently.

No mom, not like animals, just a house full of boys. 100% opposite of the house I grew up in. I have 2 sisters and a mom and none of us, that I’m aware of, ever peed on the bathroom floor/walls or smeared toothpaste on any flat surfaces.

But I digress.

I had to finally put my foot down and ban the preshus from using the small bathroom. I spent what felt like hours cleaning it from top to bottom. Literally. I think the only thing I didn’t wipe down / disinfect was the ceiling, and only because we have 12 ft ceilings and I don’t have a ladder.

I’m now the proud owner of a girls only bathroom for the first time since I started living with boys, and it feels glorious!

Shout out to my hardworking cleaning supplies whose sacrifice will be forever remembered.


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  1. I hate cleaning the kitchen because there are so many crumbs everywhere and they seem to multiply when you wipe them up!


  2. I just hate cleaning the Bathroom….when I have to I go in there like a soldier on a mission but all the while not wanting the task

  3. I don’t like cleaning the bathroom especially the tub. We have hard water and it leaves stains that are hard to scrub away.

  4. Bathroom is the most disgusting place to clean, if you keep on top of it, it won’t get so bad, I have to clean it at least 2 times a week, gross lol

  5. The kitchen. Although I really dislike the bathroom as well. I have not cleaned my oven for a really, really long time. And now it scares me!

  6. The kitchen is my least favourite room to clean because it seems like a never ending job. I just get it cleaned up and it is time to make another meal and more dishes and cleaning.

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