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Canvas and DecorI love to take pictures of my kids. Every now and then I go a tad overboard and take a couple hundred in one session, just recording the everydayness of watching them play. I love capturing the little things that my foggy memory will eventually forget. I love having proof that my kids played their kid games, technology free. Something that happens rarely in this day and age.

Last summer the hubs made me go camping with him and the kids, and while it wasn’t my idea of fun times, I did enjoy watching my kids play in nature, the likes of which we don’t get to see every day since we live in a suburban jungle with more than enough concrete to go around.

Canvas and Decor

On this trip, I spent some time on a grey day with the peanut who loves throwing rocks into bodies of water. What better place to do this than on a rocky beach? The sun peaked in and out of the clouds, and I followed the peanut up and down the shore, snapping picks of him one second, telling him not to get his shoes wet the next.

I got a bunch of what turned out to be, really amazing shots. Portfolio worthy shots, if I were a professional photographer. But since I’m not, these pictures have been doomed to sit on my hard drive, collecting virtual dust, until the opportunity to have one printed by Canvas and Decor came along. They’re my favourite place to have prints made that are so much better than regular framed photos.

I couldn’t pass it up.

Canvas and Decor

This time around I got an 18 x 12, 3/4″ thick low lustre print and it’s going to look perfect hanging above my desk. I’ve been dreaming of printing one of my best shots from this day at the beach and now it’s a beautiful reality.

Big shout-out to Canvas and Decor, my go-to place when I want to have really great prints made up. Printed on high quality canvas and professionally mounted, ready for hanging, I’m so happy that I get to stare at my beautiful work so beautifully displayed. With a wide variety of options to choose from, Canvas and Decor are my favourite company to use when I want to hang a beautiful memory on my walls. I’ve also given several canvas prints as gifts in the past, and everyone I’ve sent them to has loved them.

Canadian owned and operated, these handcrafted prints come ready to hang and ship within days of placing your order. Their customer service is top knotch.

They’re having a promotion right now where you can save 50% on your website order, and also save an extra 10% when you order 2 or more prints. AND they always have free ground shipping in Canada (Yukon, NWT, Nunavut express only), which makes this an even better deal. Nothing better than free shipping!

So get yours and beautify your walls, you won’t regret it!

canvasndecor-logoThis is a sponsored post. I received a free 18 x 12 print and compensation in exchange for this post/review. I only ever post about products that I actually use and love, and Canvas and Decor is truly one of my favourite places to shop.


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