Year 3 with Netflix Canada! (#StreamTeam)

Netflix_StreamTeam_BadgeAs you know, I am on the Netflix Canada #StreamTeam of bloggers who review and share our general BFF relationships with Netflix. I’m so happy that they’ve accepted me into the program for year three, but mostly I’m happy that all of my Netflixing can continued to be called “work” when the family asks me when I’ll be done watching TV. “Sorry kids, pizza for dinner again… mommy’s working!”

Z Nation - Netflix Canada  The 100 - Netflix Canada  Arrested Development - Netflix Canada Hot Girls Wanted - Netflix Canada

Y’all know how much I love my TV, and I love that the TV industry is changing. Regular TV and all of its commercials is so 2012, having Netflix ensures that I can have access to a wide variety of amazing shows that are being produced outside of the TV Network machine. Win!

Orange is the New Black - Netflix Canada House of Cards - Netflix CanadaUnbreakable Kimmy Schmidt - Netflix Canada




Netflix started off with a handful of Netflix Originals such as House of Cards, Orange is the New Black, and Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt. Nowadays, they’re basically a network of their own producing original content on the regular (Sense8, Grace and Frankie, Daredevil & Jessica Jones ) and gaining broadcast rights to a ton of shows (The 100, Z Nation, & Arrested Development) and documentaries (Making a Murderer, Mitt, & Hot Girls Wanted) that all the peoples are talking about on the interwebs.

Grace and Frankie - Netflix Canada Jessica Jones - Netflix Canada Daredevil - Netflix Canada sense8 - Netflix CanadaMitt - Netflix Canada Making A Murderer - Netflix Canada

Another thing I love about Netflix is that it gives me access to a huge selection of documentaries. Making a Murderer isn’t a show that I would have rented, but thankfully I was able to catch it on Netflix and I’m glad I did! It’s nice that Netflix keeps me up to date on all the best shows.

So cheers to Netflix Canada and here’s to another great year of binge watching TV, movies and goodies!

Three cheers to @Netflix_CA and year 3 on the #StreamTeam! Yay! #soexcited

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