New hobby ~ Spencerian Penmanship

Spencerian Penmanship Theory and copy booksAs if I’m not busy enough as it is, in addition to picking up calligraphy again, I’ve also discovered the Spencerian System of Practical Penmanship Theory Book & Five Copybooks*
for improving cursive handwriting.

As you know, my handwriting sucks. I tend to write in all caps to get around that fact. But in my paper journal I prefer to write in long-hand, with the problem being that I often can’t read what I’ve written later on.

So, in researching brushing up on my calligraphy, I came upon these books that include old-timey instruction on proper writing technique and practice books to get me started.

So here I go. On the road to perfect (or at least legible) penmanship.

*affiliate link

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