NaBloPoMo Month in Review

Yup, this month of trying to blog every day was a bit of a wash, but I’m not even sad about it.

Once again I’ve proved to myself that writing to someone else’s random prompts is just not for me. They just feel too random. I don’t know. Plus, I’ve been feeling a bit scattered recently so I’m not surprised that the mood to blog just hasn’t been there.

That said, I’m all up in my new/old passion of keeping a paper journal. I’ve been taking the time each day to write about my actual day. You know, the completely boring stuff like what I watched, ate and did that day, that the interwebs doesn’t need to hear about, but I’d like to look back on when I’m old and grey.

Journaling also gives me the opportunity to pretend I have a creative bone in my body.

I don’t, in case you were wondering. But whatever. It makes me happy.



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