Snoezelen Room Play Time

Took the peanut to the local Snoezelen Room for a morning of fun sensory play. If you haven’t heard of them, Snoezelen Room’s are a specially designed space that is a controlled multisensory environment that is great for people with autism.

It gives me a chance to let the peanut play in a safe place where he can jump and throw and touch and see and experience without having to worry about how he’s playing or who is playing around him. It has soft padded walls and floor, a waterbed space, a vibrating mat, a bubble tower with button controlled lights, an image light show on the walls, soft balls, pillows and toys to play with and throw, and soft music; he can basically let loose in a room that has all of his favorite things in one place. It’s a great way to spend a morning, and a great way to get him into a different kind of play experience that doesn’t involve dozens of other screaming children (the loud sounds and frenetic activity of which stresses him out).





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