The Joy of Journal Keeping

It can be argued, that the very nature of an online blog ( a web log) is that it is an electronic version of a personal journal or diary.

Actually, there is no argument, from what my foggy brain can recall, the whole purpose of keeping an online journal back in the olden days was that it was a way for those of us who enjoyed the practice of keeping a personal diary, a way to share those words and experiences with an online community of like-minded individuals.

Many of us have been blogging for well over a decade. We’ve made friends, lost friends, had kids, lost kids, pretty much lived our entire lives in the real world, and shared those experiences with anyone who cared enough to spend a few moments during their own busy days to read and maybe leave a comment or two.

There are two things I know for sure about blogging.

  1. For many people, it’s become more than just an online diary of sorts. It has, in fact, become a full-time business that many have turned into full-time careers.
  2. For others, like me,  it remains, first and foremost, a place where we can share the day-to-day goings on of our lives, a record of the lives we’ve lived, the loves we’ve loved, proof that we were here and had something to say and share.

That said, even though I love and live for every moment that comes with being a blogger, there’s something to be said for putting an actual pen to actual paper that I’ve always cherished.

  • I’m a lover of pens, paper and a good old-fashioned empty notebook.
  • I’m a lover of lists, and checking things off my lists
  • I’m a lover of writing things down so I don’t forget them, whether it be a note reminding myself that Friday is the kid’s library day, or the name of that song I’ve been trying to remember forever that popped into my head randomly so I’d better write it down before I forget again.

I bought a couple of beautiful new journals yesterday. #bulletjournaling #bulletjournal

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One of the most popular questions I get as a woman with many (many) balls in the air, is “how do I get it all done?” How do I find the time to manage my life, my family, my job, my everything. The simple answer is:

I write it all down.

I keep a journal, a simple notebook with me at all times, and if something comes up that I don’t want to forget, I write it down. Listen, I’m that person who in the time it takes to walk from one end of the room to another, forgets what she walked across the room to do in the first place. Call it age, call it sleep deprivation, call it life in this day and age. Whatever you want to call it, I call it WRITE IT DOWN OR I’M GONNA FORGET IT! Very simple. Very straight forward.

I’m in my happy place right now 🙂 #newpensmakemehappy #journalling A photo posted by Tilley (@preshusme) on

Keeping a journal, is my secret to living my best life. It ensures that I drop the fewest number of balls possible, which is the most any busy person can ask for.

Keeping a journal helps me keep everything straight, and gives me a small creative outlet in a world that, for me, is full of a mountain of technical writing and keeping other people organized.

My blog is my persona online. My paper journal is basically the analogue version of my online self, with all the boring bits thrown in, because who comes to a blog to read about me reminding myself to send that form for summer camp back in anyways? Nobody, that’s who.

My blog and my journal work in tandem to help me track and record all the pieces of me.

I’m very complicated. And I like me this way.

Call me Type A, call me organized, call me a stationary lover, hoarder, whatever.

I call it keeping my Joy. The Joy of Journal Keeping…

My current journal, purchased from Hardcover, lined, 200ish pages, lays flat, fits in purse 🙂


  1. I am with you! Love journals and pens! Indigo seems to always carry such beautiful notebooks. I bought a bunch to be able to give em as gifts on boxing day last year. I want to look into bullet journaling. What pens do you recommend?

    1. I recommend any pen that feels like silk when you write with it, one that makes your handwriting look good, even if you hate your penmanship (like I do) and one that feels good in your hand when you use it, whether that be a light as air pen, or a pen with some weight to it. Test out a bunch and use the one that makes you say “ooh!” when you write with it 🙂 It’s all in the feel and look of it, but that’s just me 🙂 Personally right now I’m using several kinds of pens. A PaperMate ComfortMate Ultra 1.0mm in blue, the PaperMate Flair M pens in a rainbow of colours, and the BIC Bu3 Grip 1.0 pens in a rainbow of colours, and I’m always on the lookout for a new favourite!

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