I don’t write

Canon EOS REBEL T3i f/22 10 s 55 mm ISO400
Canon EOS REBEL T3i f/2210 s55 mmISO400

Imagine how much writing I would get done if there weren’t any distractions around me every day. And of course, by distractions I mean life. Life happens, and I do life instead of doing writing. My body does life, while my brain wants to do writing.

Imagine how much writing I would get done if I didn’t have to go to work and make actual money every day. I’d stay at home and write. I’d wake up, kiss my family goodbye as I lovingly shove them out the door, I’d get dressed, have breakfast, write, have lunch write, watch Y&R because priorities, then I’d have a snack and write some more before starting dinner.

This is what my life would be like if writing were my job.

But of course it’s not, so I let the world and life and facebook distract me.

I check my email, listen to an audiobook, post something on Instagram or Twitter or Google+, go for a walk, go to work, drop off and pick up kids from here and there, battle rush hour traffic, cook dinner, watch tv, play games with the kids, dance party with the kids, plan elaborate deserts I’d bake with the kids if only we had the right ingredients.


Life gets in the way.

And I don’t write.


  1. xoxo That’s why I disappear from everything for a while! It’s a hard choice, but it’s like everything else that demands my time. Instead of going to the gym, which I need to do, I edit. I’m behind on *all* of my fave shows (except GoT) and my kid thinks the computer is part of my body. Are you able to work on something for 15 minutes at a time? Try short writing sessions to creep up on your writing project 😀 That can work – or be very frustrating because you have to stop. In either case, it’s the willful choice to write that makes the difference!

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