#TryLGG4 Test Drive Review

LGG4 Review (#TryLGG4 #LGG4Camera)

Canon #TryLGG4 Test Drive Review
Image: Canon Rebel T3i

Last month LG Canada selected 35 Canadians to test out and review the manual camera on their new LGG4 cell phone and I was one of the lucky Canucks that was picked! Woo! If you follow me on Instagram (you do don’t you?!) you’ve seen some of the beautiful pictures I’ve taken with this amazeballs cell phone. Basically all the pictures I’ve taken this month and posted to my Instagram, Twitter and Facebook have been taken using this camera and let me tell you, they’ve been beautiful.

TryLGG4 review preshusme trees sky


But I guess I don’t have to tell you, so much as show you.

Since I’m less of a tech nerd than my husband, I’m not going to waste any time telling you about the technical specs for this phone, you can learn about them directly from the LGG4 website. Instead, I’m going to gush, GUSH I tell you, about how awesome it was to be able to take absolutely stunning pictures using the manual camera features. This cell phone has an f/1.8 lens which means I could take some beautiful close-ups…

TryLGG4 review preshusme cupcake

with the same precision as if I were using my beloved DSLR.

Canon photo in photo
Image: Canon Rebel T3i
Image: Canon Rebel T3i
Image: Canon Rebel T3i

In exchange for being loaned a camera for the month of June, I was tasked with taking challenge pictures each week. Here are some of my submissions…

TryLGG4 review preshusme horses
Week 1: #LGG4moments
Week 2: #LGG4colours
Week 2: #LGG4colours
Week 3: #LGG4lowlight
Week 4: #LGG4selfie
Week 4: #LGG4selfie

Aren’t they beautiful?

In addition to the fact that the things this camera could do were absolutely bonkers, the cell phone itself has also lured me from my trusty old Samsung Galaxy S5, which I still love, but man this LGG4 camera…

TryLGG4 review preshusme forrest stream

Better than any cell phone camera I’ve ever come across.

The LGG4 cell phone runs on the Android framework, which I love, but also has a bunch of LG features that I’ve fallen in love with. Again, I’ll spare you the nerdy tech specs that you can research for yourself, and give it to you straight from a working mother who loves any kind of technology that is uncomplicated enough to help me get through my day, but complicated in all the right ways so that I feel like the coolest of all the tech mamas out there.

First and foremost, the charging cable is long enough for me to plug it in next to my bedside table and still let me do all my cellphoning in bed when I should be sleeping, and sturdy enough not to get destroyed in the depths of my purse. Also, it has these handy little dots on the topsides of the USB ends so that I can plug it in in the dark and get the plugs into the ports the right way the first time!

Canon usb port
Image: Canon Rebel T3i

The tap-hold function when you’re using the keyboard not only brings up the “paste” feature, but it also has a “Clip Tray” which is the handiest thing ever when you’re pasting the same text into different social media apps (#hashtagallthethings) over and over again.

The on/off and volume buttons are on the back of the phone, directly below the camera, so no more holding my phone and pressing ALL THE BUTTONS by accident (although that didn’t stop me from pocket dialing my baby sister once or twice (sorry sis! It’s weird that you’re the only one my phone ever wants to pocket dial, right?)

Canon back of LGG4
Image: Canon Rebel T3i

The rear volume down button can also be used for the quick shot feature. While your phone is locked, press the volume down button twice and it will instantly open the camera and take a picture of whatever crazy thing your kid is doing that second that you don’t want to miss.

The peanut love, love, loved the Selfie Light which meant instead of sleeping we could take pictures of ourselves in the dark.

TryLGG4 review preshusme selfie light

And with the manual camera, I could take pictures of him sleeping without having to disturb him with a flash. Can you say hello available light?

#TryLGG4 Test Drive Review

And for my photo nerds out there, manual picture files can be saved as .jpg’s as well as in the RAW (.DNG).

And even though most of the pics I took were JPG/RAW files, the storage capacity built into the phone (32 GB) was more than enough to let me take pictures and video to my hearts content for the whole month without running out of space. That said, you can also add your own microSD card for extra extra storage (up to 2TB).

Other things I loved about the LGG4 phone and camera:

  • The big bright 5.5 inch display
  • The smooth metal back that felt great in my hands (also available with a leather back cover)
  • The super-fast processor (Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ 808 processor with (integrated) 1.8GHz 64-bit Hexa-Core CPU) that meant that I could have ALL THE APPS!!1! open without the phone slowing down even one little bit.
  • Battery life was awesome. I could use my phone all day and it still had juice left by dinner time. And when it ran low it automatically put itself into Power Save Mode which let me keep using it for several more hours. The phone would also warn me when I had apps running in the background sucking up battery power.
  • Double-tap the screen to wake up the phone without having to use the power button on the back.
  • You can set the camera to take a picture when you say “cheese”.
  • Also, I think you can actually use the LGG4 as a phone?

Things I didn’t love about this phone

  • Nothing. Absolutely nothing, the phone was just perfect.


*Disclosure: All of the pictures in this post were taken with the LGG4 camera, with the exception of the pictures of the cell phone itself because, obviously, and where noted for image comparison. Comparison pics and pics of the LGG4 were taken with my Canon EOS Rebel T3i DSLR. But seriously though, could you even tell the difference? The LGG4 camera is that good!
I was provided with an LGG4 cell phone on loan for this review. As this was a country wide-contest to be picked as a reviewer I wasn’t provided with payment for this review, but can possibly win an LGG4 phone or other LG products in exchange for my participation. For more information on this promotion please visit www.TryLGG4.ca.
None of the images have been edited except to shrink them to fit this blog review and to add watermarks.


    1. I’ll be honest, I took video but I’m notorious for not looking at things I’ve shot. I mostly take video for archival purposes. I really should check out how they compare to my Samsung S5 though…

  1. Hey, which phone would you in all honesty recommend? Your Samsung S5 or LGG4? Does it heat up? How are the pics when taken under poor lighting?

    1. Hi there, honestly, I highly recommend the LGG4 over the Samsung. While I loved my Samsung, it was a perfectly great phone, I prefer the LG software and camera more. I haven’t had any issues with this phone heating up, and I have a case on mine. The only time it heats up is if I leave something on top of it like a blanket or pillow, but this is the same for any phone. Photos under poor lighting conditions isn’t an issue since with the manual settings you can compensate for low light to brighten up the shot, just like you would with a DSLR camera. Let me know if you have any other questions!

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