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SOCSunday-2015I’m doing this post as an SOC Sunday post because I just don’t have the mental ability to spend more than that writing about the results of the peanut’s ASD assessment this past Friday. Long story short, he has been officially diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder. And based on just her initial assessment, (our appointment lasted just under 2 hours) the doctor believes that he is mild – high functioning. She also things he is probably very smart, based on the amount of things he knows at his age (alphabet, colours, shapes, numbers etc.) considering that he is mostly non-verbal when it comes to spontaneous speech. She also believes that it is a good sign that he is good at mimicking words and speech, even though he spends his time memorizing and repeating things he hears, instead of independently putting words together. We left the appointment with a ton of recommendations, the main one being, he is an excellent candidate for ABA therapy which stands for applied behaviour analysis


  1. Hang in there. You will find a community of moms that are in the same situation and they will be lots of help. I went through it and came out with a happy, healthy, mostly well adjusted boy who is now 14. Glad to meet you through Fadra and SOCSunday!

  2. Like Kframpt said, you will find a bond with those who have experience, or are even new to the ASD world. Raising children is difficult but so rewarding (mine are in their twenties so maybe I’ve forgotten the rough stuff ;-))

  3. I can’t tell if this was expected news or not or even how you feel about it. But I do know moms that have gone through diagnosis and I’ve been right beside them the whole time. It’s a process! And reach out if you need to connect with others. I know so many!

  4. Thank you for all the kind words of support! It’s taken me a few weeks to wrap my brain around all of this. It’s good to know that there are so many of you I can lean on. 🙂

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