Does he comprehend?… or does he just have an insanely good memory?

Well, some excellent news on the appointment front, the peanut has been booked for his assessment with the pediatrician who specializes in assessing developmental issues in children (in our case, ASD). Originally I was told that it would be close to six months before we’d get our appointment, but we’ve been booked for the end of May, so, three months. That’s not bad!

I was worried that we’d be closer to the end of summer before we’d get a chance to get this done, but this is much better. We get the results (and hopefully some kind of plan) at the beginning of July.

In the meantime, we’re having a hard time trying to figure out if the preshus is learning new things, or if he’s just getting really good at memorizing the answers for the questions he’s being asked. Meaning, does he know what’s going on? I’m not sure, but I feel like he’s learing to apply something he learns in one situation, to another. For me the question is does he comprehend?… or does he just have an insanely good memory? I think he doesn’t comprehend half the things that are being said to him, but he has a really good memory with regards to responding to prompts. For example, I’ll prompt him to say “bye-bye daddy!” and he’ll say it? He comprehends hello and bye-bye, but does he really know that the hubs is called daddy? Or is he just repeating what I’m saying? He knows what his brother’s name is, but I’m still not sure that he knows I’m called mommy, or does he know and just figures he doesn’t need to actually call me mommy to get my attention because he’s so used to getting my attention in other ways? It’s all very confusing. If we could just figure out how his mind works we’d be better equipped to help him to learn new things. This is what I hope all these appointments will lead to.

Meanwhile, the principal at the school is completely on the ball with getting things set for the peanut in the fall. Very soon she’ll be calling my daycare provider to get an assessment on how the peanut is doing when it comes to learning his numbers and letters. The answer to that is he’s coming along nicely btw. 🙂

In other news, I caught him in the corner practicing his writing the other day… so… yup, he’s awesome!



  1. DS has the same LeapPad writing practice thingy – one of the least annoying toys with batteries in it, IMO! Also, yay for getting an appointment in only 3 months! Sometimes, it’s the little things along the way…

    1. It’s one of the few electronic toys that doesn’t turn itself on in the middle of the night scaring the crap out of me!

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