10 things I can spend money on when I’m no longer spending it all on child care

Avert your eyes!!

With the peanut starting kindergarten in the fall, we’ll immediately reap the benefit by not having to pay his full-time day-car fee. (Yay! ) Yes, we’ll have to pay for an off-site after-school program for him, but of course, that’s much cheaper than full-day daycare. And, if we’re lucky and can get his brother into the cheap/free afterschool program that is located in their school, that will save us even more money.

So, this is me, counting my chickens before they’re hatched* and making a list of the 10 things I plan on buying with all that money, we’ll no longer be spending on childcare.**

10 things I can spend money on when I’m not longer spending it all on child care

  1. New winter coats for me and the preshus for next year, also new boots for the both of us as well
  2. Vacation money
  3. Year-round swimming lessons for the preshus
  4. Re-activate our membership to the Ontario Science Centre
  5. Name brand chicken nuggets. Oh, hell, I’ll buy real chicken and nugget them myself!
  6. Get the car professionally detailed. It’s been a while and the carpets are now more salt than carpet.
  7. Take-out tacos for Taco Tuesday, because our neighbourhood take-out place is way better than the taco kits I make at home. Probably healthier too.
  8. Get my eyebrow-beasts threaded on the regular (or once at the very least, just in time for Blissdom 2015)
  9. Have the hubs’ wedding ring resized, so it doesn’t look like I’m cheating on my husband when we go out on date night
  10. Debt repayment and an emergency fund, because that’s the grown up thing to do.

So yeah, some big things, some little things, all necessary one way or another, and all things that I’ve put off since most are wants, not needs.

*I hope I’m not jinxing myself by writing this post
**knock on wood, because I’m superstitious that way, especially since I’m clearly jinxing myself by posting this

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