I’m over thinking it

iWritelogoI think part of my problems is that I’m over thinking this too much. Too many ideas, too many unfinished thoughts. Also, I don’t want to write a love story. Just another love story. The girl meets boy story. I’m so tired of those kinds of stories. I want to write something in the science fiction genre but those stories can get complicated, and I think that’s what’s tripping me up. Which is silly, but there you have it.

How do I get out of my own way and just write the story. Any story. How do I not over think things so much that it pretty much just leaves me frozen and staring at the computer screen for hours on end. This is the part where I wish that muses existed. That inspiration would just strike me like a lightening bolt and BOOM! I’ll find myself putting 50,000 words down like it ain’t no thang.

But no, I’m just me, sitting here, over thinking things as per usual.

Dear brain, get out of my way already! Or step up and cooperate. Something. Do something!

This nothing you’re doing is making me crazy.

Can I officially call myself a tortured artist now?

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