Happy New Year! 2015 Edition

Well, Happy New Year’s Eve anyhow.

Once again, here we are at the end of another really long and fairly decent year. No major things went wrong so I’ll call that a win. Everyone in my family is happy and healthy, we have a car that works, a place to live, fun toys to play with and food in the fridge. What more could a girl ask for*.

As per usual, I will not be making any resolutions, but I will be promising myself a few things:

I promise to stay organized

I promise to blog better

I promise to read stuff

I promise to write stuff

I promise to do my best at work and at home

I promise to take as much care of myself as I take care of others.

That looks like a pretty good list to me.

Here’s to 2015!


*Well, she could ask for 20 or so less pounds on her booty, but I’m lazy… so there’s that.


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