Blissdom Canada 2014 Wrap-Up post #1 – the selfie edition

goingredIn the past, my goal for attending Blissdom was all about my blog. I’ve attended sessions on how to blog, how to blog better, how to write, how to write better, and how to work with brands over the past four years, but this year my Blissdom Canada goal was different.

My goal this year was to connect with as many of my bloggy friends as possible.

I’m one of those lonely souls who isn’t very ‘go out and get ‘em” when it comes to IRL friends. I’ll be the first to tell you that most of my friends, the people who truly get me, live in my computer. But for one glorious weekend every year I get to hang out with my bloggy friends in person (and meet new ones!) and it fills my soul to the very top every time.

So yes, while I did spend much of my time schmoosing brands last year, this year my main goal was to meet, greet and hug as many people I recognized as possible. And to my surprise, I even knew everyone’s names and not just their Twitter handles! (that’s huge when you mostly interact with people online, yay me!)

So for my first Blissdom Wrap-Up post, here’s a barrage of some of the selfies that I managed to take. And if you’re reading this and I missed you this year, you can bet I’ll catch a selfie with you next year. Smooches!



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