Ready Player One by Ernest Cline (Book Review)

readyplayeroneI don’t even know how to start with this one except to say, if you haven’t already read Ready Player One: A Novel by Ernest Cline, get thee to a bookstore post-haste! Better yet, click this link and buy this book. Buy it and read it. You won’t regret it.

In a world where everyone who is anyone is plugged into the virtual reality world of the OASIS, Ready Player One follows the story of Wade Watts, a teenager who, like everyone else, is obsessed with solving the riddle of the OASIS. The creator of the OASIS has left a trail of riddles for anyone with a deep understanding (or obsession) with all things 80’s (with a heavy skew to all things gaming and nerdy), the winner of this worldwide quest will become the new owner of the multibillion dollar OASIS and king/queen of the nerds essentially.

The OASIS is the ultimate in virtual reality with all aspects of a person’s life running online including work, school and relationships. But more than just a shut-in’s dream, there are different planets in the OASIS that you can travel to, all based on a different fictional science fiction world, universe, video game, 80s movie, song, basically any 80’s theme you can imagine. You an even build a planet of your own, and a spaceship to get you there. Basically what I’m saying is OASIS, SHUT UP AND TAKE MY MONEY! Seriously, if Apple or Google or somebody could just get on with making this thing a real thing, I’d really appreciate it.

If you’re a fan of the 80’s, video games, gamers, virtual reality, science fiction or fantasy, this book is for you. Looking forward to the day that the OASIS comes online in real life. In the meantime, I’ll settle for waiting for movie.


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