“Heated leather seats. Oooh! Cooling leather seats!!” #ChevyDrive

The one really big summer adventure we were able to have this year was a weekend road trip to the Great Wolf Lodge in Niagara Falls! It took me several months to save the cash we needed to take this trip and I’m pretty proud of that. It’s the first vacation I’ve ever taken where didn’t use a credit card to buy now and pay later. I know, crazy right? Nonetheless, there it is. We paid cash for this trip and the kids had a great time! I had the best most smoothest ride ever thanks to my friends at Chevrolet Canada who loaned us a 2015 Chevy Tahoe LTZ for the drive to Niagara Falls! Woot! On a good day it’s a 2 hour drive from where I live, and of course we hit traffic on the way there and back (add an extra hour and a half), but it was a luxury to get stuck in traffic in this sweet ride.

Look at her, she’s so pretty

You’ve heard of heated leather seats? This car has cooling leather seats! Such a great feature in the deep part of summer where we actually had some hot weather.

A few other features I liked:

  • an automatic side rail step that pops out when you open the doors, both the kids and I found that handy for stepping up into the car
  • 1 button to raise and lower the rear seats for storage space for all our groceries and junk and stuff
  • individual temperature zones for all four of us (all 4 of us!)
  • a sunroof! (I miss having a sunroof)
  • a combo dvd/blu-ray player for the kids
  • bluetooth and plenty of usb ports for connecting all our gadgets
  • A hidey hole behind the dash screen for my iPod
  • a remote starter letting me cool down the car and seats before I even get in!
  • a crash avoidance system on board where the car pays attention to how close it is to all the other cars and lets me know when I’m getting too close.
  • A haptic/vibrating drivers seat for all the different alerts that come up. The driver’s seat vibrates if you drift out of your lane, get too close to a obsticle, get too close to something when you’re backing up, super handy and vibratey.


Essentially this car is 10x more fancy than my trusty old mini-van and was really easy to drive considering it’s bigger than what I’m used to driving. [slideshow_deploy id=’7781′] So a big thank you to my friends at Chevrolet Canada who helped make my family’s first summer road trip an awesome drive!


    1. I was dissappointed that we didn’t get the Enclave, but after driving the Tahoe for a day and a half I was convinced! It’s a full sized SUV so it’s really big, but man was it an awesome ride 🙂 And it turns out I liked the extra space, especially the leg room in the 2nd row for the kids.

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