I don’t often like to admit when I’m struggling, but I’ve been struggling lately. Winter is finally over but summer hasn’t officially started, and I’m half convinced it’s just my body and brain lacking the warmth and sunlight that comes from walking through the green grass on a hot summer day.

The monotony of the everyday daily grind is getting me down. And looking into the foreseeable future, knowing that no matter how hard I’ve worked, it changes nothing. We’re running as fast as we can and the finish line is still ten thousand miles away. The only bright spot is the fact that we’ll eventually stop having to pay for full-time daycare which will go a long way to helping us out financially. Like as in, we may be able to take a family vacation one day. Even if it’s only a weekend road trip somewhere. At least it will be something.

Much better than the nothing we have planned for this summer.

The second school ends for the preshus we have to shuttle him off to summer day camp. He’ll have a blast, I’ll continue to be the shuttlebus mom, and come Sept we’ll be completely hooped because his current after-school care provider is pulling out of the business, and she was literally the only provider available to me this year. I now get to stress over finding someone to pick him up from school every day, same as I did this time last year.

One step forward.

Two steps back.

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