So, I’m not gonna lie to you, I’ve been MIA on this blog lately because it’s been a seriously busy couple of weeks. Picked up a nail in one of my tires causing me to have to make 2 drips to the shop. 1 nail and 3 new tires later, I was pretty drained.

Then I had to book all of the preshus’ summer day camps because of course the city programs had to be booked before March Break even got here. So you’ll be happy to hear that I literally have the next 6 months completely planned out what with vacation days, school PA days, holidays, extra shift days, all the birthdays in the world days, and I think (I hope!) I’ve been able to plan summer camp days around all of that so that the poor kid isn’t left wandering the streets like a hobo.

Good times.

Also, I’ve been binge watching my saved episodes of Scandal (OMG YOU GUYS! SCANDAL!!!!! *wall slides*) and catching up on all the Oscar movies, or at least as many as I can. AND I’ve been finishing up the Sookie Stackhouse novels (I’m on #12 or #13 now – still can’t believe there are that many). So, yeah, busy girl.

I’ve had writing on the brain, as us bloggers do when we’re not actively blogging, and as per usual I’ve got a million idea and literally no motivation to get them onto my computer. So, here I am, trying to shake the rust of the hinges (is that a saying? I have no idea but it sounded cool in my head so… yeah, it’s a thing now) by getting a few words down. Also, I figure I should at least write a little something before I get hooked on another show.

Finally, I’ve totally been spending a lot of time on the YouTubes lately. Here’s a little earworm for you. At least, it’s been my earworm since I first saw Frozen a couple of weeks back. It’s my earworm. Now it’s yours. You’re welcome.


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