week 3 photoI’d like to say that saving money by finding cheap things to do is a great way to, you know, save money. But the truth is that we’re more of a free-range type of family. First of all, we don’t have a lot (or any) money to do a lot of out-of-the-house family activities, but you know what? The hubs and I grew up in the same financial situation and somehow we managed to have fun, and so will our kids.

The one expensive-ish thing we did for the first time this year is put the preshus in swimming classes for the Winter session. At $75 with the full amount allowable as a tax deduction, I think that’s a pretty good deal. But aside from that, we usually stay home on the weekends, play games and with seldom used toys rotated in, and watch movies. An afternoon of play dough (of which we have quite the massive collection) goes a long way towards a fun afternoon at our house. It may not seem like much, but I’m not a Pinterest kind of mom, and my kids are still little and easily amused.

When I can manage to get the toys organized, they are always fun to keep busy with were we don’t have to spend any money. For the other times, adding future events into our budget so that I can be sure we have some money available when we want to get out to have fun is a big help. March Break is coming up, and I made sure to budget for the extra activities we’ll be doing over the week. We’re also currently trying to save up for all of the summer camps we’ll have to send the preshus too, still hoping we can find an affordable way to keep him busy and safe for the summer. Can’t have him roaming the streets unsupervised now can we?

Or can I?…..

Just kidding.

(or am I….?)

My favourite GVO money rule for this week? Rule #234 – Find the budget system that works for you!



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