Before I get to Week 2 of the Family Financial Challenge, here’s a recap of how I did Week 1…

Week 1 was all about the Cash, and Gail’s system requires that you use the jar system to hold your cash and keep what’s left of it after you spend whatever you spend each week. Well, I didn’t use the jars. Truth is to use the jars you have to actually physically have cash, and since can never get to a bank teller to get cash (bank hours are no joke) and I couldn’t figure out how to get $XX7.53 out of the bank machine to use for cash, that portion of the program was pretty much bust for me. That said, I love the idea of using jars and perhaps one day I can figure out how to use them, you know, when I can jiggle my budget around to make a bank machine withdrawal round out to the nearest $20.

Even though I didn’t use physical cash, I did still use my cash spending journal / budget / giant-mega-spreadsheet to track my spending and keep everything on track for the week. Since I know what I’m supposed to be spending on gas, groceries and laundry each week, it’s just a matter of me not going over that amount, even if I’m using my debit card to make those purchases.

Check out Gail’s book “Money Rules” for more truth on how to manage your money.

My favourite rule so far – Rule #10 “Your Financial Education is Your Responsibility”


Through the month of February I’ll be blogging about the P&Gmom #SavingMadeSimple Family Financial Challenge and sharing the weekly financial tips and challenges with you. Join me as I journey through this challenge and learn how I’m getting my family through these “daycare years”.


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