goodreadsOne of my favourite apps is the companion app to the website. GoodReads is a book cataloguing website that allows me to keep an online list of every book I own, have read, and want to read in the future. Very addictive to use for a booklover / list lover like myself. You can join the reading challenges and set goals for yourself, write book reviews and share them with like-minded readers, and even connect with some of your favourite authors. The app is super-handy because with it I can manage my book and reading lists on the go, as well as quickly add new books to my library using the handy bar code scanner feature. If you like reading books and feel the obsessive need to keep track of everything you read, try the GoodReads app, available free in the Apple App store and on Google Play. You can view my profile on to see what I’ve been reading lately, or check out the handy-dandy widget over there in the sidebar >>>> that-a-way>>>>.

*ps. not a sponsored post, I just really love GoodReads. and books.

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