IMG_0165aToday is the last day of 2013, but I don’t care about that.

Tomorrow is the start of a New Year. I don’t like to make resolutions, I generally never do. I feel like resolutions just set you up for failure. But I do like the idea of starting something new, something different about my life to change things for the better.

Last year it was my hair. I went natural for the first time in my 38, now 39 years on this planet. I didn’t blog about it much, I didn’t want to turn this into a Natural Hair blog. Suffice it to say, I made the decision to wear my hair in all of it’s curly glory for the first time in my life.

One thing I can honestly say, I’m still not 100% comfortable with it. Not because I don’t love my curls, but because they’re still not doing what I want them to do. Huh, therein lies the problem doesn’t it? I’m still trying to get my hair to do what I want it to do. I’m getting better at this little problem of mine though, always trying to force my hair to be what it’s not. I’m working hard to learn how to take better care of my hair so that it does what it naturally wants to do. Most days I steam it, moisturize it, fluff it, look at it and say “It’s gonna do what it’s gonna do” and leave it at that. If I take care of it, it will grow, be healthy, and look good doing it. Full stop.

This year I’d like to focus more on my skills as a creative person. I’ve spent years (YEARS!!) blogging and learning the craft of blogging. Running and maintaining a blog, participating in the blogging and social media community. I found my people, and for the first time ever, I feel like I’m comfortable being one of them. I don’t feel like a newbie anymore. I blog, therefore I am. And I’m good at it. I’ve worked with brands, communities, written guest posts and made some fantastic friends. I’m happy.

Managing my family is, and always will be, my first priority. But you know what’s also important? Making myself the best self I can be.

If I nurture myself, then I can be the best mom and wife I can possibly be. It’s all connected, you know?

So for 2014 my plan is to work on my skills as a writer, and as a photographer.

That’s a lot, but I think this year I can make a good start of it. Writing and photography have always been passions of mine. Less of a hobby than blogging, to be sure. I’ve never thought of writing as a hobby like I do blogging. Yes blogging is writing, but blogging is where I indulge my every whim to overshare. Sometimes I think blogging is more like a serious problem with my personal need to talk to much. But that’s another problem? issue? (blog post?) all together.

I’ve had dreams where the images I see are so… beautiful, so… vivid, that I’ve litterally dreamt of taking pictures of everything I see so that I can remember them when I wake. Of course I don’t, those dreams leave me waking the saddest. The fact that I can’t capture the images and stories I see and experience in my dreams….. heartbreaking sometimes.

And that’s where 2014 come in.

This will be the year where I bring my dreams to light. With words, with images, I want to see my dreams in my waking life, and surround myself with them. My biggest dream for my life was to have children. I’ve done that, and even though being a mother is hard, they are my dream come to life, the preshus and the peanut. They walk (run, trip, fall, get up and do it again) through the rooms of my life and fill me with wonder and joy. Writing and photography fill my soul with joy as well, but with fewer sticky hands and poopy butts (or sticky butts and poopy hands, both unfortunate consequences of parenting I’ve discovered).

In Two-Thousand and Fourteen I plan to work on my craft as a writer, and my craft as a photographer. This year my soul will be free… and of course I’ll try to remember to blog about it because, hello, have you met me? Overshare much?

Ok then.

It’s time to let the beast out.


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