I’ve never done one of these before, preferring to be fairly random with my pregnancy updates. But I’m in the mood so I’ve stolen these headings from my bloggy friend Emily who had her beautiful baby boy a month ago and I’ll try to post one each week from here to D-Day.

How Far Along? 34 Weeks, 4 days (or, 8 ½ months, 242 days, 85.2% through, yes, there’s an app for that)

Total Weight Gained/Loss? 21 lbs

Maternity Clothes? You bet! Since like around 3 or 4 months. It’s true what they say, second pregnancies do pop early

Sleep? These days, yes, especially since the preshus still sleeps with us and we finally upgraded from a Queen to a King sized bed. Still waking up twice to pee, but no longer with the searing shoulder or hip pain. It’s nice!

Best Moment of the Week? I’m almost positive that the peanut has flipped (again, for like the 80th time) and is currently head down.

Movement? Yes, lots. Not sure if I prefer him kicking me in my ribs or my lady bits, but either way I’m glad he’s kicking.

Food Craving? None right now. Just getting over being sick so I’m happy that I can even get half a meal in, whatever it is. Although I was craving an apple on Saturday.

Food aversions? None. Although can you consider sick and can’t eat more than half a meal an aversion? I guess you can.

Morning sickness? Nope, not since around month 5? Month 6. Man that lasted a long time.

Pregnancy Symptoms: Yeah, all of them. Most notably this week, sore back and hips when I walk. And feeling like my belly weighs 21 lbs. Oh, wait… Also I haven’t been able to wear my engagement ring for like weeks now. Just my wedding band. And even that feels tight. I take it off at night and periodically throughout the day. Hope I don’t lose it.

Gender? Male. Still. Confirmed at the ultrasound 2 weeks ago.

Labor Signs? Constant Braxton Hicks as long as I’m on my feet. Which sucks by the way.

Belly Button? Popped. I fear it will never be the same cute innie it was pre-1st pregnancy. *tears*

What I miss? I am the slowest walking person you ever did see. Did you know that land-whales can walk? Well they can’t. They shuffle along at a pace so slow that old ladies with walkers pass them by on the regular. It’s pathetic.

What I’m looking forward to? This baby coming out. Healthy and happy. Anytime after the 31st of this month would work nicely for me.

Milestones? None that I can think of. Although making it through each and every day is a milestone for me. It’s HARD being pregnant!


  1. Hang in there! We can do it! Enjoyed your questions – might have to steal them at some point and write my own. Best wishes for a smooth delivery and healthy baby!

  2. hey, the 58,2% doesn’t seem to be right…? Maybe switch the 5 and the 8? And how about putting your wedding band/engagement ring around your neck (or will the preshus then pull the necklace to pieces)? Good luck with on the home stretch, I’m glad everything is going well.

    1. OMG you’re right! That’s my pregnant chick brain at work for you. Thanks, I’ve updated it. What what I do without my bloggy friends looking out for me! The preshus would spend all of his time trying to rip the necklace off unfortunately so I don’t wear them. Thanks for the support, I’ve got my fingers crossed for you daily!

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