Today is Wednesday.

My Dr’s appointment 1st OB appointment is in 2 days

In 2 days I will find out if I am a mother to 2, or a mother to 1.

I’m freaking out, just a little bit.

Hubby asked me this morning if I’m excited about my first OB appointment. I told him that I was more worried and nervous than excited. When he asked why I told him that I’m worried because I just don’t know what’s going on in there. He asked if I’ve peed on any more sticks; probably thinking that a positive pee stick would reassure me. I told him that even after a miscarriage, pee sticks can still show as positive for weeks afterwards. He said “Oh”. I don’t think he knew that.

And no, I haven’t peed on any sticks since that first one.

Do I think everything is fine? Yes. Physically my body is telling me that I’m pregnant. My boobs are bigger (back to their old glory after shrinking a bit once I stopped breastfeeding a few months ago) and sore too. My pants are getting tighter around my midsection, and my budda belly that usually has so much give and jiggle to it, seems to be more firm than it normally is. And, of course, the last time af was here was sometime in July.

One thing that has changed in the last 2 days, however, is my nausburnea. After each meal I’ve had over the last few days, I’ve felt fine. That could be good (I’m 10 weeks 6 days today, 8 days away from my 2nd trimester – how weird is that!?) or it could be bad. Until tomorrow, I won’t know which way the fates are leaning.

I won’t think about what will happen if there is bad news on Friday. I only want to think about the good.

  • I’ll have a good reason to start wearing my maternity pants.
  • I’ll have to really think about buying a nice maternity bra that doesn’t have an underwire because seriously, my ribcage is being squeezed to death here.
  • I’ll get to start reviewing pregnancy related items for the Spilt Milk Moms.
  • I can actually join my husband in picking out names.
  • I’ll be able to tell my family that we’re expecting (we’re hoping to tell them on Thanksgiving in 2 weeks)

I’m doing my best to stay positive.

It’s hard.

In the meantime my son makes me happy every day.

He’s awesome.

I love him.

Hubby too.


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