Well I think it’s time for another pregnancy symptom update.  I’m 15 weeks and 1 day pregnant today (can you believe it!!!) and yes, in case you were wondering, I still check the tp every time I pee for spotting.  Old habits and all that.

I was weaned off the Progesterone supplements over the holidays.  I went from taking a suppository (good times) 3 times a day for 10 weeks, to 2 a day for 1 week, to 1 a day for 1 week.  The last one was on New Year’s Eve and I have 2 things to report: 1) I can’t tell you how happy I am that I can now pass gas without having to worry about getting progesterone oil all over my underwear (gross I know, but so very true if taking suppositories vaganally doesn’t work for you, there’s only one other place they can go people!), and B) There has been no spotting or side effects whatsoever as a result of coming off the progesterone.  That’s right folks, my baby and I are now the proud co-owners of 1 placenta, working hard to keep baby alive!  Yay!

Ok, moving on.

Current pregnancy symptoms are as follows:

  • Still have loose joints, mostly my shoulders, elbows and wrists, it’s like listening to popcorn pop sometimes.  Funny, but (thankfully) painless.
  • Gas – Still have it, but not as much since I went off the aforementioned suppositories which made it waaay worse.
  • Hunger, still hungry all the time, but it’s difficult to eat a lot at any given sitting because A) I haven’t popped yet, and 2) now that my uterus is taking up more space in my belly, it and my stomach are now sharing space which my stomach had previously owned outright.  Result?  Big hunger and not enough space to get all the food in.  Boo!  So now I’m reduced to eating smaller meals which sucks because I was rather enjoying eating whatever, whenever, all the time. *sigh*
  • None of my pre-pregnancy clothes fit anymore.  I’m fully into maternity clothes now.  I’ll have to start posting belly pics soon.  Maybe I’ll take one tonight.
  • Fatigue – still tired all the time, but it’s no longer that bone-crushing sleepiness that forced me to bed at 7pm.  I can now stay up til 9 or 10 without hurting anyone.
  • I mentioned earlier that my belly hasn’t popped yet, well it actually does pop, right after every meal I look waaaay more pregnant than I do when my stomach is empty.
  • Memory – loosin it.  Things fly out of my head all the time now.  Very forgetful.  Not good news, especially at work.  Luckily it’s mostly if I put something down somewhere temporarly like my keys or office supplies at work, I forget to pick them up again to take them where they are supposed to go.   Or, more disturbingly, at home I often find myself carrying a cup or plate from one place to another, and before I get half way there, my hand/arm/brain forgets that it’s holding something and I end up spilling my food or drink on myself and the floor.  So weird.
  • Stamina – I have none.  I still can’t walk up a flight of stairs without getting winded half way up (gasping for air, so sexy!).  And I can’t walk around too much because I don’t have the energy to get where I’m going.  My heart just beats so fast if I try to exert myself that I end up having to take a moment to catch my breath.  It’s crazy!

That’s it for now.  I’m 100% positive there are one or two more that I’m missing, but I can’t remember what they are so screw it.


  1. Love the new layout and thanks for sharing your pregnancy symptoms! You made me laugh and smile today, and it hasn’t been a good one for me! =)

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