Not much going on these days.  AF has slowed down to spotting and I think Mr. Yeast Infection is packing his bags and heading out of town.  This morning I took my 3rd Pergeron injection.  Second one I’ve had to do by myself.  It’s the weirdest thing stabbing yourself with a needle.  I’ve never done it before.  Now I’ve done it twice.  My mom, the nurse, thinks I’m being silly making a big deal of it when I showed her all the equipment they gave me, but unlike her, I don’t go around giving people needles all day every day.  I’ve only ever had it done to me.   Anyways, the injections are going fine.  Not too painful, and no bruising so far.

I was able to get the remainder of my prescription filled at the pharmacy at work which my insurance paid for.  Didn’t have to lay down any money for it which was the best news.  It cost just over $1000, I’ve never in my life had to fill a prescription that cost so much money before.

In other news I heard back from hubby’s work insurance policy.  They’ll cover my prescriptions up to 80% with no lifetime maximums.  This means, worse case scenario, I use up all my work insurance and have to start using his and we’ll have to pay 20% of any fertility drugs we need.  Not too bad.  Still, if we get to that point we’ll be deep in debt trying to pay for the actual procedures which aren’t covered.

Meanwhile… back on the ranch, life is going along smoothly.  My next fertiladoc appointment is on Monday during which they’ll do an ultrasound to see how I’m responding.  I think I’m responding well, I’ve had weird sensations in the ovary region ever since the first injection.  Like I can feel the follicles plumping up or something.  I hope that’s what’s happening.  I hope I get some good ones with healthy mature eggs that fertilize with ease and stick.

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