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Roast Turkey

It’s the Season to be Hosting

While turkey is our main holiday dish, in the past we’ve also had roasted ham with pineapple and applesauce glaze. One of these days I’d also really like to try cooking a pot roast. I think I need to set it as a goal in 2017 to try to make one for myself so I’ll have the perfect party hosting trifecta of meals to make.

Holiday Dinner Tradition: Baconated Turkey

Our holiday food tradition? One beautifully roasted Baconated Turkey. That’s right, Baconated Turkey. Have you ever tried a Baconated Turkey? You haven’t? Well you haven’t lived.

Playing With Your Food

So, am I the only person who makes their kids work for their snacks? I mean, it’s not a Cinderella situation or anything, but I like to make the fact that they’re getting treats at least a bit educational.

We are all unique

This video has been floating around the interwebs lately. Yes all women (and children!) are unique and I totally believe that my …

The healing power of touch (#SoMuchMore)

I’m a big believer in the healing power of touch when it comes to children. The peanut has always been sensitive to different sensations on his skin. When he was a baby he hated baths, now he loves the feel of water and playing in the tub. And rubbing lotion into his always dry baby skin used to make him cry, now that he is older, he has become accustomed to our daily moisturizing routine.

Love Nature Channel

You know how much I love television. And what I love more than anything, since I have the most basic of basic …

12 Monkeys on ShowCase Canada!

I’m all about the TV and movies these days because this is the wonderful time of the year (dead of winter) when all …

Mortdecai Official Trailer

In case you were wondering, yes, Mr. Depp will be my 2nd husband. Because even when he plays an insane person, he’s …