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How much fight?

Why did the world turn me into a warrior for my son, when his short lifetime could have been perfectly normal, if the rest of the world could have just woken up, and listened to every other warrior mom who came before me?

Laundry 1, Me 0

I really, really want to spend the evening answering emails and crafting the perfect blog post, but instead I’m going to go …

A new mom in my army

The best part about being, not just an autism mom, but a special needs mom in general, is that the best sources …


A modern version of a family photo album, I love having photo books made. Chock full of photos of the kids, all …

Thank You #PGmom

Celebrate Strong Mothers (#PGMom Giveaway)

In celebration of my friends at P&G who support all of us moms and families, I’ll be reviewing and giving away a bunch of stuff over the next two weeks, I hope at least some of the information will be useful to you and your families.

Life Skills 101

One think I’ve believed for a long time, school is wasted on the young. What I wouldn’t do to have the chance …

Journaling of a different kind

I haven’t been keeping up with NaBloPoMo at all this year. Not because I didn’t want to, but because I’ve been focusing …