GoT – 60 in 60 – S1. Ep2. Recap – The Kingsroad

I’m re-watching Game of Thrones from the beginning to get ready for season 7. Watch along if you’ve got the time, or just read my episode reviews because why not? (also, Spoilers, duh) Either way, winter is coming, and I’m getting ready…. *cues up the theme song* DUN, dun, Da da da dun, da da DUN……

This episode is called The Kingsroad, the first shot is of the Dothraki horde on the road through the Great Grass Sea. Deanery she is having a hell of a time aclimitising to her new horsey life, good thing Ser Jorah is there to lend a guiding hand. It’s in this episode that she receives her first title, Khaleesi, and Ser Jorah receives his, slave seller.

Meanwhile, back at Winterfell, Tyrion provides two, no three pretty decent slaps to Joffrey’s stupid little face. He then shares the happy news that Maester Luwin says Bran will very likely survive his fall. You can totally hear the shock and disappointment in Cersei’s voice.

And in her very next scene we see that she isn’t a completely heartless bitch when she shares a story about her first-born, a “black-haired beauty” who died when he was an infant. You almost start to feel something like compassion for her… but it doesn’t last long. And then, as she’s saying prayers for Bran’s recovery, you remember how he got there in the first place…

Jamie and Jon have a lovely pissing contest I mean conversation at the forge while Arya’s sword Needle is being forged. I wonder at the fact that Jon is the only one in the family who had the presence of mind to gift Arya with a sword. He seems to have a special bond with all of his half-siblings. Except for Sansa that is.

News that he is off to The Wall to “take the Black” should be welcome news to Catelyn, but she’s just as cold to him as ever. We still don’t know his whole story, but this very scene is the one that makes me hate her just a little bit. I’m not gonna lie, I even like Cersei more than I like Catelyn. *dodges pitchforks*

It’s at this point when we find out the main part of Jon’s history. Ned went off to fight Robert’s war and came back with a bastard son. Cat has never forgiven him for that. I imagine it has been hard for her to stare into Jon’s eyes and see something familiar, yet unfamiliar in his face. That said, it’s nice to know that the Stark children (well, all except Sansa) really love Jon.

On the Kingsroad where Jon and Ned part ways, he speaks of telling Jon all about his mother when next they see each other again. That will never happen, but now we all know the truth about the pain behind Ned’s eyes when he speaks of her. There’s a great love and a great loss that kills him to this day, but the secret he’s kept is all because of a promise he made long ago… but we’ll get to that later… Ned tells Robert that Jon’mother’s name is Whyla, a lie he’s probably told only a handfull of times to a handful of key people to keep Jon safe.

A raven in the night has brough news of Daenerys’ wedding across the Narrow Sea. The fear and hate Robert feels for the Targaryens is dark and ugly. Robert speaks of a war that’s coming. Little does he know…

Meanwhile Daenerys isn’t enjoying married life so much. All she has is the sound of crackling fires (and moving scales with a hint of a dragon’s roar) on the wind to keep her sane.

On the road north to The Wall we learn a lot from Tyrion. That most heading for The Watch are rapers, murderers and thieves, that he reads a lot of books and therefore knows a lot of things, and that his father was hand of the mad king for twenty years before Jamie killed him and his sister married the new one. We also learn that the Night’s Watch is threre to protect the realm from things that go bump in the night, but that no one believes there’s anything up there other than a sad band of Wildlings. Tyrion knows a lot of things, but in this matter, he knows nothing.

Meanwhile, back at Winterfell, Catelyn wants nothing to do with anything but sitting by Bran’s side, and Robb takes his first steps into his father’s shoes as leader of House Stark. He looks young (so young!) but ready.
I noticed that Jamie wasn’t at the crossroads in this episode. I wonder where he was?

This is the episode where Joffrey started to hate Sansa, all because she saw him get his ass beat by Arya. What a sad little boy.

This is the episode where Arya sends Nymeria away into the forest. I wonder if they’ll ever meet up again?

This is also the episode where Daenerys and Khal Drogo truly fall in love.


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