Game of Thrones – 60 Episodes in 60(ish) Days

Well, here we are, approximately two months away from the start of the penultimate season of Game of Thrones, and by my math that leaves me just enough time to watch the first six seasons, from start to finish, before season 7 starts.

Can I do it?

Of course I can.

Will I lose sleep?

I’m a mother. I haven’t had a full night’s sleep in 8 years. Bring it.

Is this a wise nerdy adventure considering how tired and busy and stressed I am with regular everyday life?


But I’m going to do it anyways, because, priorities.

Day one starts today. I’m going to cut myself some slack, knowing that some days I’ll watch more than one episode and some days I won’t have time to watch any.

Brace yourselves, episode reviews are coming…

I can do this.

I’m a fan.

I’m a HUGE GoT fan.

I can do this.

HBO Canada, don’t let me down!

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