What to Watch on Netflix Canada After “The Crown” (#StreamTeam)

I’m gonna go ahead and blame Netflix for my current obsession with all things British television. Specifically, I watched The Crown a few months back (which I loved) and after an intense weekend of binge watching all 10 episodes in the first season, I found myself at the end of the season, dying for more, knowing that it would be a year or more before the next season aired. (Come on Netflix! Film faster already!)

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You know the bereft feeling you get when you finish a really good book and you can’t even focus on anything else in life because hey man, you just finished a really good book! How can you possibly think of anything else?! And then you wander through your days, waiting for the next good book to come along? Well that is this, but with the show The Crown. I was so into the time period and the costumes and the British accents, I needed more…

Then I discovered Downton Abbey. Why? Why didn’t anyone tell me this show is so good! SO GOOD! This family. So rich, so clueless. And the staff, so accommodating and so delightful to watch them live their lives, bending them around the lives of the family they serve. So much drama! I mean honestly, no one in this family can seem to catch a break.

More than the endless bad luck that follows them around like a storm cloud, I love, love, love the costumes, the hair, the cars, the sets! Downton Abbey was totally worth the weeks it took me to get though all of the episodes in the first five seasons, and season six recently came to Netflix Canada so of course I had to watch those too.

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And then I ran out of Downton Abbey episodes, and I was sad. Then, in my bereft state, I decided to give Call the Midwife a try, and I had life again.

True Story.

First of all, Vanessa Redgrave narrates each episode. She’s absolutely delightful. More than that, though, following the lives of the nurses and nuns at Nonnatus House is absolutely fascinating. Seeing how the women of post-war London’s poor district of Poplar played out in the aftermath of WW2 is fascinating. Watching how they helped countless women give birth and care for their babies, fascinating. Watching how advances in medicine effected the way they deliver their healthcare, fascinating. Everything about this show is absolutely fascinating! And now I’ve come to the end of Series 5 and I’m gong to sit around, bereft, until Series 6 eventually comes to Netflix Canada.

Call the Midwife - Netflix Canada
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