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Trevor Noah on NetflixThere’s a lot of buzz lately about Dave Chappelle and Amy Schumer having new comedy specials air on Netflix this month. That’s great and all, but I’d rather tell you about one of my favourite comedians and his comedy specials that are all streaming now on Netflix Canada.

Trevor Noah, host of The Daily Show has 3 specials on Netflix right now. His newest one, Afraid of the Dark (2017) is classic Noah. If you like him on The Daily Show, you’ll recognize his particular brand of humor. But even better, he puts his own personal spin on it, and gives great insight as an outsider to the American experience, as only he can.

The second special, African American (2013) is also really good. A fresh set of jokes and an hour of his adorable smile. Hilarity, thou art Trevor Noah.

The third special, You Laugh But It’s True was shot in 2011 and is, in my opinion, the best of the three. It’s not your standard “comedian stands in front of an audience and tells jokes for an hour” type of comedy special. This special is way better because it’s more of a documentary about the life and times of Trevor Noah and his path from small town comedian to where he is now. In You Laugh But It’s True he gives us a glimpse of his experience in the comedy scene back home in South Africa, and how his life experience made him into the man he is today. He takes you on a tour of his homeland where he visits with his mother, grandmother, brothers, friends and fellow comedians, as he takes you on the journey of how his comedy show “The Daywalker” came to be.

I mean, honestly, I was a little bit in love with Trevor Noah before I watched You Laugh But It’s True. Now I’m A LOT in love with him. He’s just funny, clever, and he does the best Idris Elba impersonation.

Ladies and gentleman…. Trevor Noah!!!


Netflix_StreamTeam_BadgeI’m a member of the Netflix Canada #StreamTeam and receive compensation for these posts in the form of a Netflix membership and streaming device. Of course as always, my opinions are my own. That said, I’m happy as a clam to post about Netflix goings-ons because if you know anything about me, it’s that I watch a LOT of tv and even the peanut knows to hit the pause button on my iPad before he asks me to sing songs with him.

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