Nerding out on Jordan Peele’s new film, Get Out

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ETA: My original intention was to publish this post before I had seen the movie, thinking that it was going to go how all my movie going goes these days, namely, I watch movies whenever they turn up on HBO, TMN or Netflix. Turns out, I had the chance to see this movie on opening day, so this is my original post. My review post will come later (aka, whenever I get around to writing it – – spoiler alert – – I loved it!).
Get Out 2017 (film)
Image Credit: Universal Studios

A few days ago I came across the trailer for a new movie called “Get Out“. At first glimpse, half watching it as I scrolled through facebook in a separate open window (yes, I even multi-task my facebooking), it kind of struck me as a Stepford Wives type of movie, but for black people. But then, as the trailer progressed, I could see that there was something very wrong and very awesome about this movie.

See for yourself.

I have so many questions!

  1. What the hell is going on?!?
  2. Who are these people?!?
  3. Where did all the black people come from?!?
  4. Is the daughter in on this?!?
  5. Why isn’t anyone looking for the missing people?!?
  6. Why come ain’t no one escaped?!??!?
  7. OMG, Get OuUUUUT maaaan!!!!

So, of course, I have to see this film. I just may ditch the family and see this solo one day very soon.

And then I fell down the rabbit hole.

Usually the first thing I do when I come across a movie trailer I like is to google it to see if it’s based on a book so I can go ahead and read the book, because 8 times out of 10, the book is better.

Turns out, it’s an original film written and directed by Jordan Peele, yes, that Peele, from Kee & Peele. Then my brain was all like, wait a minute, Jordan Peele wrote and directed a horror move that I actually want to see, even though I’m a chicken and normally steer well clear of movies that want to keep me from ever sleeping again? Sweet! Now I really have to see this move!

Everybody needs to go see this film! Mostly so that Hollywood throws more money at Peele (and writers/directors like him) so that he makes more brilliant films like this one. But also because ZOMG it looks so good!!!

Then I found out the lead actor in this film is a recent favourite of mine, Daniel Kaluuya, a British actor who also appeared in one of my favourite Black Mirror episodes “Fifteen Million Merits”, and also has a role as W’Kabi in the upcoming Black Panther movie (sweet!!). So he’s definitely one to watch in the coming years.

Fifteen Million Merits - Black Mirror - Netflix
Fifteen Million Merits – Black Mirror – Credit: Netflix

Based on the trailer, it’s the story of a young black man who becomes increasingly wary of the people around him, both white and black, when he goes to a rural town to visit with his white girlfriend’s family. His wariness isn’t unjustified, since pretty much everyone he encounters seems to be (more than) a little off. And this is where the title of the movie comes into play because all he keeps thinking to himself is that he needs to get out of the situation right quick, and all I keep thinking every time I watch the trailer is “Run Forrest, Run!!1!”


Anyhoo, All I know is that I hope he makes it to the end of the movie, since scenarios like this can turn south pretty fast, especially these days with movies often going for the “everybody dies in the end” angle.




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